Today we are proud to announce our new CS:GO line-up, in the past we did work with a CS:GO but that didn’t go as plan. Beside of it we had already plans to returning into the title with many request to us.

We are now back in the esport title with a brand new line-up. We picked-up 5 boys from Polen to play for us, they are still  a semi – professionals group, we are gonna work with them for the upcoming 6 months to make them a upcoming super star line-up. We also gonna send them to lans with the first one being in December in Katowice.

The following line-up will be;

Jędrzej “Jinxx” Nowaczyk
Daniel “edenito” Kurasz
Robert “Blav” Paczkowski
Piotr “totty” Skrzypiński
Kamil “Kizen” Kaczmarczyk


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