PvP extend His contract

We are glad to announce TDG PvP from Fortnite division has extended and re-signed with us for another period of time. PvP has been making big steps recently with his content creation on his YouTube channel and we love the way he is working growing his audience.We are looking to work on his content for the coming time beside the competition in Fortnite. The Fortnite World Cup is around the corner and so is Twitchcon Read more…

Introducing TDG Empa

We are glad to announce our new FIFA player Brain ‘Empa’ Somai. Empa will be added with the Youri and Nero who already have been competing since begin FIFA 19 with us. Empa & Youri will be playing in the FIFA eWorld Cup this coming next week. It is a duo tournament with one PS4 & one Xbox player. We are really excited to see how the tournament will go and the skills from Empa!

Welcome back NeonLytes

We are excited to announce to welcome back NeonLytes to TDG. Lytes was a former streamer under TDG back in 2017 and now he’s back also competing Smash Ultimate under us. Lytes always has had a great community with in his stream and we always believed his stream is top tier. He will be playing in Smash Ultimate tournament with his main character Snake, we can’t wait to see how that goes!

Season 3 Pro Team Standings

After a exciting and high level competitive season 3 in Hearthstone Championship Tour, we are glad to announce we finish 8th place in the world-wide team standings!Maur1, INS4NE and MM78 has done a impressive job proving they are one of the best online players in the world currently. With only attending two tour stops this year in Italy and Norway. We are so happy with this result going into season 3 Playoffs in January! 

HCT Winter Playoffs

Back to back to back.. We are extremely proud to announce our whole Hearthstone team qualified for the 3th and last HCT Playoffs of the season.. It’s been a extremely good for our Hearthstone team and the line-up has performed insane. With the end being near we have one last time to qualify for the championships and the chance to get to the HCT world championship in 2019.Beside of that we are planning to continue Read more…

Introducing TDG Pini

TDG is proud & exciting to announce our new expending game Artifact, and introducing our first player TDG Pini. Former Hearthstone professional en mutiple major attender, Pini is known in the card game community and now going to focus on the next big game Artifact. We see a bright future in Artifact and can’t wait for all upcoming tournaments all over the world!

Welcome TDG Ayrton

We are happy to welcome Ayrton to the streaming team. We are gonna expand our streaming team huge the coming months. We gonna give a platform to our streamers and content creators to build up there channels and make it great!

Introducing TDG PvPLogger4077

After our huge announcement that we expended in Fortnite with None & NikraiY, we are happy to announce another new addition to the line-up PvPlogger4077. Huge in the dutch scene, experienced in pro scrims and online tournaments. We looking further to expand the line-up and give more players opportunities to join TDG Fortnite.

HCT Fall Playoffs

After a hard and long weekend of Hearthstone our boys of TDG Hearthstone all finished top 32. We are really proud of our players and happy to get a good start for season 3 HCT with already points grabbed in Playoffs!

Youri Joins TDG Fifa

We are  pleased to announce Youri ‘Youri’ Moonen has joined us. He will join Baran and Nero in the FIFA team. Youri a known player in the community of FIFA will compete under us for the upcoming FIFA 19 that will be released September 28th. We are expecting a really nice year with the new game releasing and hoping for the best!