TDG Performance at Dreamhack Winter

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Last week we visited Sweden for the last event of the year Dreamhack Winter. TDG competed with TDG Vardu and TDG Sveiks in the Hearthstone Grand Prix. 250 players at the event started with 9 rounds of swiss. Both Vardu and Sveiks did a amazing run through the swiss and end up with a score of 7-2 after 9 rounds. They both qualified for the top 16!

In the end Sveiks finished 15th and Vardu 7th. We are happy with both players performing this good and being the only team that had more then one player in the top 16!

TDG Cod Disbanded

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We recently started working with a Call of Duty Line-up for WWII season 2017/2018. This week is decided TDG and the roster will part ways.
We are definitely not done in the Call of Duty scene, and we will be back soon with a new roster to compete in WWII.

We wanna thank the roster who has been for us the past few months, and good luck to them in the future!

Introducing TDG COD

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We are excited to announce to welcome our new TDG Call Of Duty Line-up for WWII. We signing: HayJay, Vequal, Bakes and Khaos. Four boys from the United Kingdom and all experienced in the past Call Of Duty titles. We seeing a bright future with them as they started competing in the next season. The game will be released in November and competing will start in Begin December. We can’t wait attending the first coming events in Europe and placing good at them. We will be updating on them the next coming weeks, stay tuned!

Line-up in following:

Harry ‘HayJay’ James
Nathan ‘Vequal’ Robinson
Mathew ‘Bakes’ Baker
Callum ‘Khaos’ Smith

Keep updated with TDG Cod on social media:

Introducing NeonLytes, Sveiks & Leflo

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Today we are welcoming NeonLytes, Sveiks and Leflo to TDG streaming. There are all gonna be streaming under our platform. We are gonna continue adding more streamers and hope to build a community with that. For now we focusing on them at the beginning and help there channels grow to partnered streamers, there are all affiliated at the moment.

  • Sveiks is also competing under us at the Hearthstone Summer Playoffs since he qualified and we give him the opportunity to compete in Hearthstone.
  • Leflo is gonna be by side of Fergus for Tekken 7 coaching and his analyst for Fergus his practice for all upcoming TWT tournaments.

We can’t wait what the future holds with them and are excited to start working with them. As the future holds we are to make this sector bigger in TDG! #WeAreLions


TDG Store

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Hello everyone,

we wanna thank you all again who all put interest in TDG and is waiting for the merchandise to drop and cop. We are excited to announce this won’t take long. We are gonna release our TDG Tees and will follow up with more variations of Tees, hoodies etc. We are happy to say we will deliver the store full with clothing this month and can’t wait to see all of you LIONS enjoying the clothing we provide! #WeAreLions

Fergus Attending TWT: VS Fighting

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After TDG Fergus won 2 Non-TWT lans we have come to the Master TWT event: VS Fighting on 12 and 13 august in Birmingham UK. Fergus had dominated recently at Headstompers in Malmo Sweden not losing a single game in the top 16 of the tournament. We expect once again a dominated tournament by Fergus and will be keep updating on the TDG Twitter.

Keep updated with Fergus on social media:

Vardu wins Nordic Championship

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TDG Hearthstone player Alvar ‘Vardu’ Dürr wins the National Nordic Championships, he started the journey a few months ago getting invited and winning the phase 2 qualifiers to getting to the finals at Assembly Summer. Vardu has been improving the last few months and this proves it. He will be competing in the summer playoffs on september 2/3 in Stockholm Sweden.

Keep updated with Vardu on social media: 


Kycoo, Vardu & Sveiks Qualify for Summer Playoffs

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With the season of July ending we have our final top 64 point earners over Europe for the Summer Playsoffs. With Kycoo finishing 26 points, Vardu 25 points and Sveiks with 25 they all qualified for the Playoffs that is planned on 2/3 September. This will be last playsoffs of the year before the off season and last call. Kycoo will play in Koln Germany and Sveiks & Vardu in Stockholm Sweden. #TDG #WeAreLions

Keep Updated with the players on social media:

Introducing TDG Fergus

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Today we are happy to announce our brand new Tekken 7 player TDG Fergus, Fergus is a old school Tekken player, who has been in the Tekken community for many years now. Now with Tekken 7 taking off with big steps we wanted to see us competing in the game and we sign our first player to the roster.

On-going is the Tekken 7 World Tour. Fergus will compete at all Tekken World Tour event in Europe to get points and place himself to the top 5 of Europe. With that he will qualify for the Tekken World Tour finals and play for a price of 200k Dollars! We are really excited to be working with Fergus and hope the best of this year for
Tekken 7 in TDG.

Keep updated with Fergus on social media:

Introducing TDG Zex

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Today we are happy to announce our new Smash 4  player TDG Zex. Zex is a veteran Smash player that has been in the community for a long time. Starting with super smash brawl competing in high competition he has been setting results for a long time. Now with the partnering with TDG, Zex is going back in high competition in Smash 4. Zex will attend in the biggest tournaments this year like: CEO and EVO.

Keep updated with Zex on social media: